We at Clayborne Services believe in order to reach a successful and lasting resolution each party has to feel heard, understood, and respected.


Sioux Falls Custody Evaluations

 Clayborne Services LLC is an agency which provides conflict resolution services to individuals, families, and business associates who are  embroiled in disagreements.  

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Sioux Falls Counselor

 For the past 30 years, Dr. Andre Clayborne has provided services to adults, adolescents, children, families, and businesses in South Dakota and surrounding areas.  


Sioux Falls Conflict Resolution

 Custody and Visitation Evaluations
Court Recommendations
​Post-Divorce/Relationship Conflict Resolution
Parent Consultation

Parent Education

Counseling in Sioux Falls

 Through the use of education, communication, and several comprehensive conflict resolving methods, we help our clients work towards maintaining controls over vital decisions which will impact their future.  

Expert Testimony

Sioux Falls Counseling Services

 Dr. Andre Clayborne works closely with the South Dakota court system and has offered expert testimony on numerous issues involving mental  health, parent fitness, and child placement issues for the past 30  years.  

Divorce Mediation

Sioux Falls Divorce Mediation

 We believe in order to reach a successful and lasting resolution each party has to feel heard, understood, and respected. It is our goal to help parties develop realistic expectations and the necessary skills to reach mutually satisfying resolutions.  

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