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Sioux Falls Counseling Services

About Our Sioux Falls Counseling Services

Meet Dr. Clayborne

Dr. Clayborne has attended numerous trainings and workshops covering areas of mediations, parent coordinating, custody issues, abuse and neglect, personality disorders, domestic violence, battery, troubled juveniles, crises intervention, grief/loss, addiction and recovery to name a few.  

Providing his own training services and workshops regarding parenting education, childhood adolescent and/or adult pathologies including but not limited  to OCD, ADHD, adjustment, anxiety, anger, family conflict, PTSD,  oppositional, conduct, mood, abuse, phobias, and suicide to groups, schools and the business community has also allowed Dr. Clayborne to use his abilities and gifts to graciously and positively influence others  in their world.

Our Services

  • Custody Evaluations
  • Visitation Evaluations
  • Parent Coordination Services/Parent Time Expeditor
  • Parent Education
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Court Recommendations
  • Expert Testimony
  • Post-Divorce/Relationship Conflict Resolution
  • Parent Consultation
  • Review of Records
  • Consulting Services